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Talking Heads - Naked LP

Talking Heads - Naked LP

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With the 1988 album "Naked", Talking Heads sought to combine the complex rhythmic layering style of an earlier album like "Remain in Light" with the ironic upbeat accessibility of their more recent commercial work such as "Little Creatures". The result is an intriguing hybrid, with a spark all its own.

Some Heads fans may prefer the harder edge of their earlier years, but one should not dismiss Naked's polished maturity so quickly. The album bubbles and swirls with diverse and rich rhythms, a variety of instruments (such as french piano, brass and oboe), and wonderful inter weavings of twangy guitar sounds.


1. Blind
2. Mr. Jones
3. Totally Nude
4. Ruby Dear
5. (Nothing but) Flowers
6. The Democratic Circus
7. The Facts of Life
8. Mommy Daddy You and I
9. Big Daddy
10. Cool Water

About this product: this is the Rocktober reissue on violet vinyl.