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Various Artists - Behind The Dykes: Beat, Blues And Psychedelic Nuggets From... 2LP

Various Artists - Behind The Dykes: Beat, Blues And Psychedelic Nuggets From... 2LP

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"Behind The Dykes" is a 2LP compilation presenting the best bands and artists the Dutch had to offer in the period 1964-1972.

This 2LP presents the bands whose singles and albums have become highly sought-after records. Original singles of many of these tracks are currently offered and/or sold for hundreds of Euros on Discogs, and many original pressing were so limited at the original time of release that they are impossible to find. The full colour printed inner sleeves contain liner notes about each individual band with the original single artwork, while the inside of the gatefold sleeve contains photos of the artists featured on this album.


1. It's Gone [The Motions]
2. Being in Love [Sandy Coast]
3. Touch [The Outsiders]
4. I'll be Free [The Incrowd]
5. I Don't Care [The Beat Buddies]
6. I Wish I Was Strong [The Heralds]
7. Please Come Home [The Scarlets]
8. The Land at Rainbow's End [Baldwin]
9. I Should be Better Off Without You [The Counts]
10. Ev'ry Moment [Short '66]
11. Saturday Night [The Haigs]
12. The Game of Love [The Bobby Green Selection]
13. 1-2-3-4-5 [The Snake]
14. Maybe Someday [The Bumble Bees]
15. Got a Dog Named Sally [Dimitri]
16. Like My Dear Cigarette [Nou &]
17. Wishful Thinking [Indiscrimination]
18. Maybe Someday [BZN]
19. Celestial Empire [Dragonfly]
20. Rainbow Men [The Fool]
21. Anywhere I Go [Pol & Paul]
22. Love Buzz [Shocking Blue]
23. Train of Doomsday [Sound Of Imker]
24. The Killer [Names And Faces]
25. Because I Love You [Popera]
26. Mingus [Modesty Blaise]
27. Let's Dance [The Tykes]
28. Blue Steel 44 [Amsterdam]
29. Pride of Man [Airport]
30. She Don't Care About Time [World]
31. Easy Here [Jug Session]
32. Comedy is Over Now [Freddies]
33. Alligatorman [Alligatorman]
34. Hans Brinker Symphony [Nanda]
35. It's Allright [Painting House]
36. Radio [Supersister]

About the product: this is the September Record Store Day '20 release on 2x 180g yellow and turquoise vinyl. Limited to 3000 copies, each one individually numbered.