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Eddie And The Hot Rods - Get Your Rocks Off 2LP

Eddie And The Hot Rods - Get Your Rocks Off 2LP

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Eddie & the Hot Rods live in France in May 1976, for the first time on vinyl, and with bonus unreleased tracks featuring Lew Lewis – in a limited red and green vinyl 2xLP.

Eddie & the Hot Rods are the missing link between high-energy pub rock and the punk explosion that followed in the next year. They were quickly branded as part of the punk movement, but their roots were American rock'n'roll, and also owed much to Dr Feelgood, who were from their hometown of Southend.

Three bonus, previously unreleased live 1976 tracks on Side 4 which feature fabled harmonica player Lew Lewis - he left the band shortly after so fans will be pleased to find that these rare recordings exist.


1. The Kids are Alright
2. He Came Out of the Sky
3. On the Run
4. Cruisin' in the Lincoln
5. Wooly Bully
6. Writing on the Wall
7. Horseplay
8. Gloria
9. Double Checking Woman
10. Get Out of Denver
11. Moving On
12. Bye Bye Johnny
13. Satisfaction
14. Writing on the Wall (1975 Recording)
15. Horseplay (1975 Recording)
16. Get Out of Denver (1975 Recording)

About this product: this is the September Record Store Day '20 release on 2x red and blue vinyl.