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comm.venus - The Uneventful Vacation LP

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"The Uneventful Vacation" is the second and final album released by American emo band Commander Venus in 1997. The album was recorded during the summer of the band's junior year in high school.

Despite the album being rushed into recording over summer vacation, and the band experiencing tension between themselves and their producer, the album was considered a mild success, and gained popularity over college airplay.


1. Jean's T.V.
2. Refused by Light
3. We'll Always Have Paris
4. The Uneventful Vacation (Part I)
5. Lock n' Chase
6. Life as Expected
7. The Way Things Had to Be
8. Dress to Please
9. The Walk-Around Problem
10. My Collapsing Frame
11. The Raining Holiday (Part II)
12. The Role of the Hero in Antiquity
13. Congratulations!

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '22 reissue on red & black smoke vinyl.