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Belinda Carlisle - Live: Decades 2LP

Belinda Carlisle - Live: Decades 2LP

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Celebrating 35 years of Belinda Carlisle as a solo artist, this 2LP live set includes versions of all of Belinda’s biggest hits, including Heaven is a Place on Earth, Circle in the Sand, Runaway Horses and Summer Rain.

First vinyl pressing, on 180 double blue vinyl.

Side One
1. I Feel Free
2. Nobody Owns Me
3. World Without You
4. I Get Weak
5. Circle In The Sand

Side Two
1. Fool For Love
2. Summer Rain
3. Should I Let You In?
4. Vision Of You
5. We Can Change

Side Three
1. Valentine
2. (We Want) Same Thing
3. Leave A Light On
4. Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Side Four
1. Big Scary Animal
2. Mad About You
3. Live Your Life Be Free
4. Runaway Horses
5. Love Never Dies

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '22 release pressed on 2x 180g blue vinyl.