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The Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day (20th Anniversary) 3LP

The Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day (20th Anniversary) 3LP

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New expanded edition of "Every Day" featuring four bonus tracks from the time, some not released on vinyl before, the Cinematic Orchestra's third full-length release, which proved that occasionally it's not what you do that really counts, but whom you do it with.

By enlisting new recruits to his Orchestra, Jason Swinscoe sloughed the derivative mannerisms that marred 1999's "Motion" and 2000's "Remixes 1998-2000" — where those two albums sounded stiff and crippled by the weight of overt influence, "Every Day" is both stately and loose. And by ditching his Miles Davis/Gil Evans stance and embracing freer jazz elements, Swinscoe has finally achieved a much-needed spaciousness and grandeur in his music.

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 3x translucent red vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Includes a 12" double-sided art card and a dowload code.