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Blind Eye - Decomposed LP

Blind Eye - Decomposed LP

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"Decomposed" recalls classic American hardcore like Bad Brains, Poison Idea and Jerry’s Kids or Japanese ragers like Paintbox, The Comes, Eiefits and Skizophrenia. But there’s also a healthy slug of classic UK and US punk and even a bit of krautrock, psychedelia and Black Sabbath in there too.

Nottingham has always been a melting pot for heavy music. For a small city, it has boasted more than its fair share of genre defining bands and artists, not to mention record labels. Bands cross-pollinate, form projects and offshoots and play one-off gigs that would result in lengthy careers and world tours if they had happened across the Atlantic. It has always been like that there.


1. Ready to Go
2. Breakdown (Decomposed)
3. Mad Max Weber
4. Go in and Bend Over
5. Pero No Quieres
6. Pizzagate
7. Straw Man
8. Highly Irresponsible
9. Mostly Raining
10. Broken Star - Message to the Narcissist

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl.