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Autechre - LP5 2LP

Autechre - LP5 2LP

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The Autechre sound reached even deeper levels of intricate programming and layered, subtle detail on this their fifth record for Warp.

Members Sean Booth and Rob Brown prove they've become masters of programming throughout, issuing a more than suitable follow-up to their critically praised 1995 release, Tri Repetae++. Although it may be hard to take for those uninitiated into Autechre's unique style, you'll discover something new with each repeated listen.

Since all the songs are cut from the same sonic cloth, the album is best when listened to in its entirety, but the tracks Acroyear2, Rae and Fold4, Wrap5 are definite highlights.

About this product: this is pressed on 2x black vinyl, housed in an embossed cover with a thumb cut. Includes a postcard sticker and download code.