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Various Artists - Wanted: Hip-Hop LP

Various Artists - Wanted: Hip-Hop LP

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From diggers to music lovers, a slab of some of the finest classic hip hop tracks.


1. South Bronx Subway Rap [Grandmaster Flash]
2. Wild Thing [Tone-Loc]
3. That's the Joint (Remix) [Funky 4+1]
4. Give It to Me [Masters At Work, feat. Screechy Dan]
5. Passin' Me By [The Pharcyde]
6. Stoop Rap [Double Trouble]
7. Bust a Move [Young MC]
8. Super-Wolf Can Do It [Super-Wolf]
9. Wild Style Lesson [Kev Luckhurst]
10. 8th Wonder [The Sugarhill Gang]

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl.