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Whitney- Candid LP

Whitney- Candid LP

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Following their acclaimed sophomore 2019 album ‘Forever Turned Around’,
Whitney have decided to return with a loving tribute to songs that have
been formative and lasting to the entire band.  ‘Candid’ is a 10-song collection boasting covers of artists like Kelela, David
Byrne, John Denver, SWV and others but it’s also a band challenging
themselves to explore more than their musical comfort zone. “This could’ve
been as simple as saying we really love these songs and we love our
bandmates and making a covers record just felt right but it truly became an
exploration into how we can evolve as a band going forward,” says drummer
and singer Julien Ehrlich.  Covers have long been an integral part of Whitney’s ethos. Ever since the
band first formed in a Chicago apartment in 2014, tackling songs by the
Everly Brothers, Allen Toussaint and more played an important part in the
songwriting process for their breakthrough 2016 debut ‘Light Upon The
Lake’. Since then, their takes on NRBQ’s ‘Magnet’ and Neil Young’s ‘On The
Way Home’ have become live staples, an essential and communal part of
their sets. Their love for the music that makes up their deepest influences
has always been genuine and tangible.  At its core, ‘Candid’ is a celebration of both the songs Whitney has adored
throughout its formation and the band’s evolving bond through years of
relentless touring and an enduring friendship. “One thing we realized is how
these songwriters could make amazing songs with so much simplicity.
Taking these skeletons and working with this incredible material means
we’re keeping our chops and staying tight as a band,” says Ehrlich.  The album is a sincere snapshot of their evolving and eclectic tastes that’s
imbued with a wholly inviting charm. It’s Whitney at their most unvarnished
and inventive but most importantly, it’s a heartfelt tribute to the songwriters
who’ve helped them most.  Available on CD and LP. Also