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Fleetwood Mac - BBC2 Sessions 1968-69 LP

Fleetwood Mac - BBC2 Sessions 1968-69 LP

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Whilst the current line-up of brand Fleetwood Mac tours the world’s enormodromes, many will always associate the band with the extraordinary writing and playing of Peter Green, truly one of the great musical figures that emerged from London in the mid-1960s. He was ably supported by fellow guitarists Jeremy Spencer (fundamentalist) and Danny Kieran (melodicist): their every note was underpinned by a rhythm session so proficient they named the band after it.

By the time this LP was recorded in 1968, incessant touring had produced a band with a wide repertoire and a vivid and exciting live act. Additionally Peter Green was beginning to write a series of highly original songs which were both catchy and profound and would take Fleetwood Mac out of the blues clubs and into the singles chart.

Green’s uneasiness about this degree of material success would culminate in the desolation of Man Of The World and an acid-assisted withdrawal from the band. But that is all to come - these BBC session tracks have the band at the top of their game and blasting away on all cylinders.

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl.