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Jarcrew - Breakdance Euphoria Kids LP

Jarcrew - Breakdance Euphoria Kids LP

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Jarcrew were a five-piece dance-punk band from Ammanford, Wales. Playing a bizarre
mixture of electronica/house and prog-rock/punk/funk that baffled audiences up and
down the UK, they became a cherished part of the UK underground. Their album
Breakdance Euphoria Kids was released in 2002, and this new vinyl pressing celebrates the 20th anniversary of this fantastic record.

Here's a note from the band:

"A people’s history of Jarcrew. Jarcrew hailed from Ammanford, Wales. They all liked music, so it made sense to play music together. The band made a dent during the early 2000s and played with everybody; Biffy Clyro, Mclusky, Alec Empire at the ICA, birthday parties, stag dos and random house parties in Iceland."

They were bloody good live. Then Jarcrew made a record called "Breakdance Euphoria Kids".

The record was conceived at a weird cultural crossroads; raised on metal, skulls split apart by DC punk and Revelation records samplers, but with a desire to venture out and soak up everything and anything from Chicago post-rock, glitchy laptop electronics, black metal and old blues on a slow LimeWire connection.

Intended as a loose concept album, like if Zen Arcade was playing alongside The Trip on
Channel 4, the band wrote the material in bedrooms, church halls and rugby clubs in their hometown and proceeded to create a sound world for the songs using a PS2, a vast audio library of stuff taped off the TV and heavy breather telephone calls from factory worker crushes.

It all eventually ended; religion, ganja, mental breakdowns and the cold, cold winters of five guys living in a house with no heating all took its toll.


1. Money Shot
2. Defacto Symphony
3. Komputer
4. Boxcar Trend - I'm in Love with Detroit Robotix
5. Quiet It Is... Dead
6. Paris & The New Math
7. Boy Wonder
8. Bill Carson
9. Capobaby
10. Sad French Death Metal

About this product: this release is pressed on green/yellow haze vinyl.