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The Yardbirds - The Best Of The Yardbirds LP

The Yardbirds - The Best Of The Yardbirds LP

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The Yardbirds blend of blues, rock and pyschedelia paved the way for heavy rock. The definitive introduction to one of the UK's most successful and influential groups of the Sixties.

This comprehensive band overview draws on the hugely important Giorgio Gomelsky recordings that defined the sound of The Yardbirds during their pivotal period 1963 through 1966. The distinctive and groundbreaking blues style of Eric Clapton features on half these tracks, whilst Jeff Beck and his pioneering brand of swaggering, ear-bending, psychedelic rock takes lead guitar duties on the rest.

The compilation features the group's hits from the era, including the top 10 singles Shapes Of Things, For Your Love, Still I'm Sad and Heart Full Of Soul, as well as Stroll On from the soundtrack to the cult 1960's film "Blow-Up" scored by Herbie Hancock.

Part of a new and lavish "Best of" series highlighting the key artists in the Charly Records catalogue.

About this product: this release is pressed on 2x translucent blue vinyl.