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Eve Libertine - I Am That Tempest CD

Eve Libertine - I Am That Tempest CD

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Musician, poet, and activist Eve Libertine returns with "I Am That Tempest – A Portrait", a visceral vocal performance backed with improvised, experimental jazz, released by Penny Rimbaud’s Caliban Sounds.

Eve Libertine rages back into the spotlight with her wild interpretation of Penny Rimbaud’s poem "I Am That Tempest", which he describes as a “showpiece for Eve’s staggering vocal range”. Joined by a band of stellar musicians, Eve weaves herself around a forest of improvisational responses, making a mincemeat of conformist pretensions. “The meaning is in the doing of it,” offers Rimbaud as some sort of an explanation, “it’s an itness rather than an ifness. It has its own life”.

Libertine and Rimbaud have been pushing musical boundaries together ever since their now classic 70’s track, Reality Asylum, which introduced the avant-garde to the unlikely ears of Crass’ mainly punk audience. “I love working for and with Eve,” says Rimbaud, “her sense of inflection is second to none, and her ability to make sense of my sometimes-obscure lyrics somehow enables me to better understand the meanings of my own work. Muse?” he asks, “maybe,” he responds, with a wry smile.

When asked to add to the above, Libertine came back with, “Mad or what? Any think can be made sense of, it’s what we do in our daily struggle to make sense of the senseless. It allows us to wend our weary ways thinking that we belong here. But sometimes it’s good not to FIT but rather to FLY high amongst the clouds of senselessness where we can truly belong”.

Eve Libertine is best known for her role as co-lead vocalist in Crass. Libertine wrote and performed most of the songs on the group’s third album, "Penis Envy", which concentrated exclusively on feminist issues and featured only female voices.