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Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together LP

Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together LP

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The sixth studio album from metalcore outfit Architects, "Lost Forever // Lost Together", was released March 10, 2014 and is the most eclectic and ambitious, yet tightly controlled album so far in the band's ten-year career.

Making their Epitaph Records debut, Architects (they are known as the Architects UK in the US) deepen their blend of brutal, thundering metal and melody-spiked hardcore with heavier riffs and intricate arrangements inspired by artist as unlikely as Sigur Ros.

Lyrics delving into everything from the Fukushima nuclear disaster to Architects' guitarist/keyboardist/chief songwriter Tom Searle's bout with skin cancer, "Lost Forever, Lost Together" artfully delivers an emotional charge that's both devastating and glorious.

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl.