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Rancid - Let's Go LP

Rancid - Let's Go LP

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Milky clear with black galaxy vinyl in a regular sleeve. Rancid's classic second LP, originally released in 1994, is disarmingly good from start to finish.

With roots set frmly in their Berkeley punk rock origins, on "Let's Go" Rancid set out with heart, soul and vehemence to reach new heights in their music. Some of the highlights are "Salvation," "Radio," and "Nihilism," but all the of the songs bristle with the unmatched signature of Tim Armstrong's intensely evocative writing style.

Recorded in their hometown of Berkeley CA, at legendary Fantasy Studios and mixed in Los Angeles at Westbeach Recorders, Let's Go foreshadows the ground breaking success that would be found on their next record, And Out Come the Wolves.


1. Nihilism
2. Radio
3. Side Kick
4. Salvation
5. Tenderloin
6. Let's Go
7. As One
8. Burn
9. The Ballad of Jimmy & Johnny
10. Gunshot
11. I Am The One
12. Gave It Away
13. Ghetto Box
14. Harry Bridges
15. Black & Blue
16. St. Mary
17. Dope Sick Girl
18. International Cover-Up
19. Solidarity
20. Midnight
21. Motorcycle Ride
22. Name
23. 7 Years

About this product: this reissue is the Indie Stores Exclusive pressing on milky clear vinyl.