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Arca - kick iiii CD/LP

Arca - kick iiii CD/LP

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Produced and recorded by Arca, The complete Kick Cycle; "KICK ii" – "kiCK iiiii". The Grammy nominated Venezuelan star, showcasing the multiplicity of her artistry.

The distinct collections span moods and modes, featuring her visionary avant-garde cyber-reggaeton production, operatic range, unexpected collaborations (including Sia, Shirley Manson, Oliver Coates, Planningtorock, Ryuichi Sakamoto), and a boundary-smashing approach to genre and identity.


1. Whoresong
2. Esuna [feat. Oliver Coates]
3. Xenomorphgirl
4. Queer [feat. Planningtorock]
5. Witch [feat. No Bra]
6. Hija
7. Boquifloja
8. Alien Inside [feat. Shirley Manson]
9. Altar
10. Lost Woman Found
11. Paw

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on black vinyl.