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The Handsome Family - Hollow CD/LP

The Handsome Family - Hollow CD/LP

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The Handsome Family's new record began with a scream in the night. "It was a bleak winter during the middle of the pandemic," says Brett Sparks. "One night around 4 a.m. Rennie started screaming in her sleep. She screamed, 'Come into the circle Joseph! There's no moon tonight.' Scary as it was, I thought, man, that's a good chorus!"

The Handsome Family (songwriting and marriage partners Brett and Rennie Sparks) have been defining the dark end of Americana for over 30 years. Brett writes the music and Rennie writes the words. Their work has been covered by many artists including Jeff Tweedy, Andrew Bird and most-recently Phoebe Bridgers.

Their song Far From Any Road was the opening theme for HBO's True Detective season one and still receives thousands of Shazams every week from all over the world. Handsome Family songs take place under overpasses and inside airports. Historical figures like George A. Custer and Nikola Tesla appear alongside a flying milkman and the whisper of an air conditioner against a plastic tree.

Their eleventh studio album, "Hollow" delves into the natural world at the edges of the man-made. It is a record lush with leaves and shadows and echoing with occult mystery.


1. Joseph
2. Two Black Shoes
3. The King of Everything
4. Skunks
5. The Oldest Water
6. Mothballs
7. Shady Lake
8. To the Oaks
9. Strawberry Moon
10. Invisible Man
11. Good Night

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on black vinyl.