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Various Artists - Lovely Ugly LP

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A 15-track compilation of current underground Swansea guitar bands, along with a couple of local legends, on white and black splatter vinyl.

On R*E*P*E*A*T’s return to Swansea after over 30 years away, we found our home town to be far more diverse, creative, vibrant and exciting than the place we left behind. Amidst the decay of many traditional industries, the imagination is currently running riot, with a host of venues in the City’s creative quarter continually hosting an array of artists, poets, writers and bands.

This album is a personal selection of some of the music that has inspired, enthused and excited R*E*P*E*A*T since our return 5 years ago. Gratifyingly, many of them are starting to garner some of the recognition they deserve in Cardiff, London and beyond. Trampolene, Monet, Swansea Sound, Rainyday Rainbow, Grey-FLX and Kikker all regularly adorn reviews, radios and stages way beyond our Westerly outpost.

Accompanying tracks by these trailblazing upstarts, the album also boasts rare or unreleased sounds by Swansea legends Helen Love, The Pooh Sticks and The DC10s.

Housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring an original painting of the City by local artist Fred Flitton. Join us as we mark our very own Return Journey to our Lovely Ugly Town.


1. Swansea's Got an Our Price [Helen Love]
2. Fucked Society [Picsel]
3. Ultra HD Happy Face [Baby Shillaci]
4. Outsider's Map of Wales [Angharad]
5. Three Sided Coin [Tom Emlyn]
6. In a Different Life [Swansea Sound]
7. Degrees of Seperation (New Cold War Remix by Ian Button) [Soundwire]
8. Trash [Kikker]
9. The World Is Turning On (1991 Version) [The Pooh Sticks]
10. Between the Bars [Trampolene]
11. Egg Spectrum (Rainyday Rainbow) [Thrown Hard]
12. Pins and Needles [Grey-FLX]
13. Scuff Button [Monet]
14. Bojack Horseman [Dead Noize]
15. I Can See Through the Walls [The DC10s]

About this product: this release is pressed on white w/ black splatter vinyl.