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Tom Emlyn - I've Seen You In Town CASS

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"This album is a collection of songs I'd been meaning to get around to recording for years - a concept and feeling that I've had for quite a while. Some of them actually go back to when I first started writing songs at the age of 17.

"It took a pandemic and a few lockdowns for me to finally get around to recording them. As a whole, the tracks lean heavily into exploring the myths and ghosts of Swansea. The cover art is a picture of my great-grandfather William George Thomas (third from left), who worked as a carpenter on the railways. It was taken at Swansea docks (that's Kilvey Hill in the background), sometime in the second decade of the twentieth century, when Dylan Thomas was just a small child in the western suburbs of town.

"The tracks were mostly recorded during 2021, but some of them were started at some murky point before that in the mists of time and had been hanging around for a while on the forgotten street corners of my mind, misbehaving and generally making a nuisance of themselves. It's a humble home-recorded bunch of tunes. Hope you enjoy!"

- Tom Emlyn


1. Leaving Tomorrow
2. We Know Who You Are
3. Strange Days
4. Peredur
5. Reminder
6. Puppets on Strings
7. The Lucky Ones
8. Under the Weather
9. Out of Season
10. Where's It Going to End?
11. The Ballad of Tea Cosy Pete
12. Waunarlwydd

About this product: this is dark gold cassette.