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The Body & Big|Brave - Leaving None But Small Birds LP

The Body & Big|Brave - Leaving None But Small Birds LP

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The Body and Big|Brave are both bands possessed with an unequaled ability to convey overwhelming weight with simplicity, repetition, and detailed sonic atmospheres; artists who continue to alter the definition of what it means to be a heavy band.

The Body are consistently prolific while increasingly ambitious as untethered producers and collaborators. Big|Brave shape sound with dense waves of guitar and feedback, minimalist and hypnotic crashes, and emotionally exacting vocal melodies. In collaboration, the two bands shift the gravity of their compositions to woven layers of percussion and unspooling guitars that sprawl through stark frameworks of earthy folk.

Their debut collaborative album "Leaving None But Small Birds" distills the two ensembles’ pioneering approach to heavy music into psalms for the forgotten, threnodies of lost love, and odes to vengeance.


1. Blackest Crow
2. Oh Sinner
3. Hard Times
4. Once I Had a Sweetheart
5. Black is the Colour
6. Polly Gosford
7. Babes in the Woods

About this product: this is the Indie Stores Exclusive on 'Levon' (clearish) green vinyl. Includes a download code.