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The Alchemist x Curren$y - Continuance LP

The Alchemist x Curren$y - Continuance LP

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Following what many would consider a banner year of releases for both artists, Curren$y and The Alchemist reunite for their third collaborative album, "Continuance".

With a chemistry that is unmatched in this day and age, the album sees Spitta exude effortless confidence over some of Alc's most finely crafted beats, resulting in what many would already consider a timeless piece of work. The 13-track album features a tight, yet impressive roster of guests including Boldy James, Babyface Ray, Styles P, Larry June, Havoc, and old partner in crime, Wiz Khalifa.

While their run seems never ending at this point, it is definitely something to be celebrated and not taken for granted.


1. Half Moon Rising
2. Reese's Cup
3. No Yeast [feat. Boldy James]
4. Obsession
5. Corvette Rally Stripes [feat. Havoc and Wiz Khalifa]
6. Whale Watching [feat. Styles P]
7. The Tonight Show
8. Signature Move
9. Louis Baggage [feat. Babyface Ray]
10. The Final Board
11. Jodeci Tape
12. Endurance Runners [feat. Larry June]
13. Kool & The Gang

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl.