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Four Tet ‎- Sixteen Oceans 2LP [LRS Clear Splatter]

Four Tet ‎- Sixteen Oceans 2LP [LRS Clear Splatter]

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Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet sticks to his promise and drops his brand new set "Sixteen Oceans" on his own Text label.

Released on CD and double vinyl (one side of vinyl remains a surprise) it once again showcases the man at the top of his game - dropping sublime melodies one minute and rough rollers the next.

You might already know Baby, Teenage Birdsong and 4T Recordings and how amazing they are so add that to the other thirteen tracks and I'm sure you have one of the albums of 2020 already.


1. School
2. Baby
3. Harpsichord
4. Teenage Birdsong
5. Romantics
6. Love Salad
7. Insect Near Piha Beach
8. Hi Hello
10. Something in the Sadness
11. 1993 Band Practice
12. Green
13. Bubbles at Overlook 25th March 2019
14. 4T Recordings
15. This is for You
16. Mama Teaches Sanskrit

About this product: this is the Love Record Store Edition pressing on clear vinyl with a 5-colour splatter, housed in a gatefold sleeve.

Side D contains 16 short untitled tracks with locked grooves.