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Trees Speak - Mind Maze LP+7"

Trees Speak - Mind Maze LP+7"

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"Mind Maze" is, amazingly, Trees Speak’s fifth album to be released on Soul Jazz Records in the space of little over two years – an output matched only by the intensity of their music created during this short time.

As with all their previous releases, "Mind Maze" is a mind-boggling tightrope walk across an array of musical influences that seamlessly create the unique present-day world of Trees Speak. The band’s sound is characterized by a combination of German krautrock motoric-beat rhythms, angular New York post-punk attitude, 60s spy soundtracks, psych, rock, jazz, and 70s synthesizers and vocoders.

There is also a cosmic spatial awareness to their sound; both personal inner space and galactic outer space, as well as a wilful pushing of sonic boundaries.



1. Mind Maze
2. Minotaur
3. Syndrome
4. Sospetto
5. Illusions
6. Scanner
7. Burner
8. Rare Earth
9. Pathways
10. Skip Breath
11. Odyssey
12. Passage
13. Signals
14. Black Phone
15. Mirror
16. Stone Tape

- BONUS 7" -

1. Orpheus
2. Seraphim

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl with a bonus 7". Includes a download code.