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Levellers - Green Blade Rising 2LP

Levellers - Green Blade Rising 2LP

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After the magnum opus that was "Hello Pig", the Levellers’ first album of the 21st Century was…a little more familiar sounding. "Green Blade Rising" was produced by Al Scott (Levelling The Land, Zeitgeist) and includes the Top 40 singles Come On and Wild As Angels.

Previously unavailable on vinyl, this limited edition, numbered, green vinyl 2LP set contains the original album, remastered by Jon Sevink and a bonus LP of B sides and single mixes - Hearts of Art.


1. Four Winds
2. Falling from the Tree
3. Pretty Target
4. Come On
5. Pour
6. Aspects of Spirit
7. Wild as Angels
8. Believers
9. A Chorus Line
10. Not What We Wanted
11. Wake the World

About this product: this release is pressed on 2x green vinyl. Hand-numbered.