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Nurse With Wound - Alas The Madonna Does Not Function EP

Nurse With Wound - Alas The Madonna Does Not Function EP

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1988 saw the release of several timeless and remarkable EPs from Nurse With Wound, one of those classics is "Alas the Madonna Does Not Function".

Madonna in some respect was a turning point for NWW. It's a record that whilst unmistakably retaining that ineffable NWW character brought rhythmic and almost 'musical' elements into play. "Madonna..." could be seen along with the "Soresucker" and "Cooloorta Moon" EPs as the bridge between the old and the new, the natural precursors to "Thunder Perfect Mind" and "Rock 'n Roll Station".

Some 34 years later "Madonna" still sounds fresh and unique, a true one off, proving NWW to be one of the few genuinely enduring and uncompromising artists of their time. Added to this re-issue is the fan favourite I am the Poison. With its plodding cyclical bass, minimalist sound and distorted vocal lines it could be argued that this is a forgotten, yet divergent, post punk classic.


1. Nil by Mouth
2. I am the Poison
3. Swan Song

About this product: this EP is on a picture disc, housed in a die-cut sleeve.