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Various Artists - Ebirac All-Stars LP

Various Artists - Ebirac All-Stars LP

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Holed up in the bustling Puerto Rican community centers of Chicago's west side, the salseros featured on "Ebiriac All-Star"s make up the best of Carlos Ruiz' Ebirac label, which ran throughout the 70s and produced some of the best unheard Salsa records of the time.


1. Guaguanco Coroco [La Justicia]
2. Plena Matrimonial-Contraversia [Ebirac All-Stars, feat. La Calandria and Ramito]
3. Las Frutas Del Pais [La Justicia]
4. Donde Estabas [Tipica Leal '79]
5. Ano Nuevo y Reyes [Juventud Tipica '78]
6. A Bailar Son Montuno [La Solucion]
7. Alegre Hibarito [La Justicia] 
8. Under the Sun (Instrumental Theme) [Under The Sun Orchestra]

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl.