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Nitin Sawhney - Identity CD

Nitin Sawhney - Identity CD

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Nitin Sawhney, Ivor Novello lifetime award winning writer, composer and producer returns with his most commercial album to date Identity packed full of collaborations with his favourite artists.


1. Faceless Enemies [feat. YVA]
2. What's It All About [feat. Jazzi Sirius]
3. Definition of Happy [feat. I Am Rose]
4. Darling Boy [feat. Guy Garvey]
5. Illegal [feat. Gary Lineker & Voices from Asha Projects]
6. Because You're a Woman [feat. Shapla Salique]
7. This Is Our Home [feat. Ayanna Witter-Johnson]
8. Internal [feat. Aruba Red]
9. Ancestral [feat. Hak Baker]
10. Room with a View [feat. Lady Blackbird]
11. Mirror [feat. Jazzi Sirius]
12. Nocturnal [feat. Ankita Joshi
13. We're Not Alone [feat. Joss Stone]
14. Hoo I Am [feat. Spek]
15. Be Who You Are [feat. Natacha Atlas]
16. Insaan (Home) [feat. Ankita Joshi]
17. Fluid [feat. Natty]