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Those Damn Crows - Inhale / Exhale CD

Those Damn Crows - Inhale / Exhale CD

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Modern rock's unstoppable force Those Damn Crows release their new album "Inhale / Exhale" on Earache Records.

"Inhale / Exhale" is an album that elevates their signature hard-hitting rock to dizzying heights. It whips up a storm of atmospheric hard rock that sees Shane's trademark rousing lyricism, delivered by molten-smooth melodies and ever-passionate emotion, backed by drummer Ronnie Huxford's earth-quaking percussion, guitarists Ian Shiner Thomas and David Winchurch's twin-attack of rampaging riffs and glacial auras, and bassist Lloyd Wood's juddering bass thunder.

Those who show up in hope of the band's highly esteemed anthemic, piano-based balladry will also not be disappointed.


1. Fill the Void
2. Takedown
3. Man on Fire
4. Wake Up (Sleepwalker)
5. This Time I'm Ready
6. I Am
7. See You Again
8. Lay It All on Me
9. Find a Way
10. Waiting for Me
11. I Am (Acoustic)
12. Set In Stone (Acoustic)
13. This Time I'm Ready (Piano Version)
14. Wake Up (Jay Ruston Mix)
15. This Time I'm Ready (Jay Ruston Mix)
16. Takedown (Jay Ruston Mix)
17. Blink of an Eye (Live at Chepstow Castle)