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Dub War - Westgate Under Fire CD/LP

Dub War - Westgate Under Fire CD/LP

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The triumphant return of the original Ragga-Metal dons... Dub War! First new album of new material in over 26 years after originally signing to Earache Records in the mid 90s.

Features 13 tracks of politically charged hip-hop infused punk metal. Spearheaded by frontman Benji Webbe, who also fronts the hugely successful metal band Skindred. Benji is widely renowned as one of the best live front men in metal and has won multiple awards.

"Westgate Under Fire" is named after 1839 revolutionary South Wales uprising. Lead single Blackkk Man lights the fuse for a powerful record armed with truth bombs. Including a lyric video featuring the George Floyd murder by US Policeman Derek Chauvin.

Dub War have enlisted some comrades help on this album with features from Mike Bordin (Faith No More), Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour), Tanner Wayne (In Flames), Ranking Roger (The Beat), Spike T Smith (Killing joke), Dave Chavarri (Ill Nino) and Mikey Doling (Snot).


1. Blackkk Man
2. War Inna Babylon
3. Vibes in the Place
4. Art of War
5. Reveal It
6. Mary Shelley
7. Bite Back
8. Coffin Lid
9. Crying Clowns [feat. Mikey Dowling and Jamie Miller]
10. Get Back Up
11. Fun Done
12. Stay Together
13. Celtic Cross

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on black vinyl.