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Cabaret Voltaire - Micro-Phonies LP

Cabaret Voltaire - Micro-Phonies LP

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Cabaret Voltaire’s "Micro-Phonies", as originally remastered in 2013, now reissued on turquoise vinyl.

"Micro-Phonies" is Cabaret Voltaire’s most sleek dance record, featuring charting singles James Brown and Sensoria. Released in 1984, the record gained its reputation as the Cabs’ most mainstream album. Their partnership with Peter Care on video for Sensoria received major airplay from MTV, and was famously one of the first music videos to be in the New York Museum of Art.

“Having invented the shadowy, murkier side of industrial/noise experimentation, here Cabaret Voltaire make their equally justified claim at fully kickstarting the beat-heavy crunch...” - All

“Cab Vol focus on rhythms and bass lines (James Brown), work with breakbeats (Blue Heat) and approach the mainstream with ‘Sensoria’.” - Musikexpress


1. Do Right
2. The Operative
3. Digital Rasta
4. Spies in the Wires
5. Theme from Earthshaker
6. James Brown
7. Slammer
8. Blue Heat
9. Sensoria

About this product: this reissue is pressed on turquoise vinyl. Includes a download code.