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Ian Lynch - All You Need Is Death (OST) LP

Ian Lynch - All You Need Is Death (OST) LP

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Debut soundtrack from Ian Lynch of Lankum / One Leg, One Eye, produced by John ‘Spud’ Murphy (Lankum, ØXN). "All You Need Is Death" is the soundtrack to director Paul Duane’s cosmic folk horror film.

The film blends Irish folklore and musical traditions with nerve-wracking horror where songs that have never been heard before open the door to a powerful, ancient evil. It follows near universal acclaim for the latest Lankum album "False Lankum", including the topping of numerous Albums Of Year Lists worldwide.


1. Hung by Wire
2. The Unravelling
3. Feed the Swarm
4. Deceptive Transceiver
5. The Hunt
6. Trathnona Beag Areir
7. Severed from the Light
8. Mairseail Chrapchosach
9. Day of Wrath & Doom
10. A New Dawn, An Old Song
11. Nestedodd Enabler
12. The Descent
13. Hypnagogic Transmission
14. Old God Rising
15. Weaxan Driblet
16. Malthusian - Old God Rising

About this product: this release is pressed on red vinyl.