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Gram Parsons - Another Side Of This Life LP

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"Another Side Of This Life", 13 previously unheard demo recordings of Gram Parsons, country-rock pioneer and former member of the Byrds and founding member of the Flying Burrito Brothers.

"Another Side" features Parsons, singing and playing acoustic guitar, recorded from March 1965 to April 1966 at the home of his friend. "Another Side Of This Life" also features rare photos and a detailed liner essay by noted writer Stanley Booth (The True Adventures Of The Rolling Stones).


1. Codine
2. Wheel of Fortune
3. Another Side of This Life
4. High Flyin' Bird
5. November Nights
6. Zah's Blues
7. Reputation
8. That's the Bag I'm In
9. They Still Go Down
10. Pride of Man
11. Brass Buttons
12. I Just Can't Take It Anymore
13. Candy Man

About this product: this release is pressed on 'Sky Blue' vinyl.