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Gene Clark - The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982 CD

Gene Clark - The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982 CD

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Previously unreleased studio sessions from Clark's pre-Byrds days in 1964 with tracks from 1967-72 with five in '82 with a reunited Byrds as "Nyteflyte"

Beyond his achievements as a founding member of the Byrds, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Gene Clark was truly one of the most prolific singer/songwriters of the rock era. This album introduces previously unreleased studio sessions from Clark's pre-Byrds days in 1964 with studio recordings from 1967-70 that feature Hugh Masekela on horns and arrangements by Leon Russell.

The set also Includes tracks with the Flying Burrito Brothers with one that features Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman and Bernie Leadon from 1970. The last five tracks feature his 1982 reunion with former bandmates, Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke as the early Byrds band, Nyteflyte.

Since his passing in 1991, many of Gene Clark's home demo recordings and various live tracks have been released. Actual studio sessions were rare, and existence was more rumor until this release. These 24 "lost" recordings are presented here with the best possible sound quality mastered from the original analog monaural, stereo and multi-track tapes.

This is an essentially an alternate history of Gene Clark's most productive years as a songwriter. Features tracks and appearances from the Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons, Chris Ethridge, Clarence White, Byron Berline, Hugh Masakela, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Bernie Leadon.

Bob Dylan described Gene Clark as one of the three best songwriters in the world, while Chris Hillman noted in an interview remembering Clark: 'At one time, he was the power in the Byrds, not McGuinn, not Crosby--it was Gene who would burst through the stage curtain banging on a tambourine, coming on like a young Prince Valiant.'


1. The Way I Am
2. I'd Feel Better
3. That Girl
4. A Worried Heart
5. If There's No Love
6. Back Street Mirror
7. Don't Let It Fall Through
8. Back to the Earth Again
9. The Lighthouse
10. The Awakening Within
11. Sweet Adrienne
12. Walking Through This Lifetime
13. The Sparrow
14. Only Yesterday's Gone
15. She Darkened the Sun
16. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
17. She Don't Care About Time
18. Don't That Road Look Rough and Rocky
19. Bars Have Made a Prisoner Out of Me
20. One Hundred Years from Now
21. The Letter
22. Still Feeling Blue
23. No Memories Hangin' Round
24. I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better

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