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Dub Dynasty - Thundering Mantis 2LP

Dub Dynasty - Thundering Mantis 2LP

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Dub Dynasty’s acclaimed second album "Thundering Mantis" returns. Dub Dynasty once again deliver an international line-up featuring vocalists and instrumentalists from around the globe; UK, USA, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Suriname.

With diverse contributions ranging from the soulful vocals of Wellette Seyon, Cian Finn and Prince David, to the militant chants of N’goni and Ras Tinny, traversing the enchanting flute melodies of Don Fe to the spoken word teachings of internationally recognised spiritual guru Mooji.

This album is a musical journey to be experienced both at home and at sound system volumes.


1. Blessed Ithiopia
2. Thundering Mantis
3. Black Rose
4. Ever Powering Medicine
5. We Got Jah
6. Blessings
7. River Jordan
8. Ithiopia Dub
9. Thundering Mantis Part II
10. Black Rose Dub
11. Ever Powering Dub
12. We Got Dub
13. Evil Fi Bun
14. Welcome the Lion on Your Path

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 2x black vinyl