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Dub Dynasty - Holy Cow 2LP

Dub Dynasty - Holy Cow 2LP

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Steppas Records presents the eagerly awaited repress of the third Dub Dynasty album. Following two critically acclaimed albums and after a long wait, dub veterans Alpha and Omega and son and nephew Alpha Steppa deliver a third installment of their dynastic dub series.

Diverse, dynamic and forward thinking dub reggae music with a deep roots foundation. Currently championed by a range of soundsystems from the bass music spectrum; from Roots veterans Channel One Soundsystem, to UK Steppers pioneers Iration Steppas and Dubstep originator V.I.V.E.K.


1. Footsteps
2. Chase Babylon
3. Material Things
4. Oh Father
5. In the Secret Place
6. I am Dub
7. The Damselfly
8. Rig Veda
9. Footsteps Dub
10. Chase Dub
11. Dub Things
12. Oh Dub
13. Secret Dub
14. The Orchard
15. Holy Cow
16. Seek Freedom

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 2x black vinyl.