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Current 93 - The Long Shadow Falls CD BOX SET

Current 93 - The Long Shadow Falls CD BOX SET

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This gorgeous, elaborate, boxset consists of 7CDs, a 7” single and a beautiful 48-page art-book. "The Long Shadow Falls" collects the 41 unknown and redreamt mixes that C93 created for 2 (long-ago sold-out) lathe-cut 12” releases, respectively titled The Long Shadow Falls and Why Can’t We All Just Walk Away?, which were both issued in editions of just 39 copies, cut by The Bricoleur at Bladud Flies!, which came with hand-painted covers by David Tibet, and with original artwork by him inserted into each copy.

It also adds 2 final mixes of The Long Shadow Falls that were not released on vinyl. The box-set cover, booklet, CD covers, and 7” single all carry images from David Tibet’s Channelled Hallucinatory Shadowed FoundFotograph Series The Long Shadow Falls. For these Photographs Of Ghosts, C93 spelled: David Tibet, Andrew Liles, and ChoirBoyHigh.

"The Long Shadow Falls" is your favourite Hallucinatory Cartoon of the last, and next, 93 years.

About this product: this box set includes 7x CDs, 1x 7" record and a 48-page booklet.