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Björk - Debut LP

Björk - Debut LP

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Debut laid the foundations for Björk’s journey into the unexpected. Björk redefined the singer-songwriter. The post-grunge, moody guy with a guitar was blown away by an explosion of creativity.

Her magpie like tendencies to use some of the shiniest and newest experiments in music to tell her story range from the techno beats of Violently Happy and Big Time Sensuality, the exotic jazz of Like Someone in Love, The Anchor Song and Aeroplane, the natured trip-hop of Venus as a Boy, Come to Me and One Day.

A truly iconoclastic album by a truly iconoclastic artist.


1. Human Behaviour
2. Crying
3. Venus as a Boy
4. There's More to Life Than This (Live at the Milk Bar Toilets)
5. Like Someone in Love
6. Big Time Sensuality
7. One Day
8. Aeroplane
9. Come to Me
10. Violently Happy
11. The Anchor Song

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl.