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Sarathy Korwar - Kalak CD/LP

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Sarathy Korwar returns with new album "Kalak". The follow up to the politically charged, award-winning "More Arriving" is an Indo-futurist manifesto - in rhythmic step with the past and the present, it sets out to describe a route forward.

It celebrates a rich South Asian culture of music and literature, which resonates with spirituality and community, while envisaging a better future from those building blocks.


1. A Recipe to Cure Historical Amnesia
2. To Remember
3. Utopia Is a Colonial Project
4. Back in the Day, Things Were Not Always Simpler
5. The Past Is Not Only Behind Us, But Ahead of Us
6. Kal Means Yesterday and Tomorrow
7. Remember Begum Rokheya
8. That Clocks Don't Tell But Make Time
9. Remember Circles Are Better Than Lines
10. Remember to Look Out for the Signs
11. KALAK - A Means to an Unend

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The CD includes an 8-page booklet.

The LP is pressed on green vinyl. Includes an 8-page booklet and a download code.