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Tom Waits - Rain Dogs CD/LP

Tom Waits - Rain Dogs CD/LP

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Tom Waits discarded his bohemian sage persona with the radical "Swordfishtrombones", and this follow-up release synthesized and developed themes from that groundbreaking album. Ever-shifting percussive textures are supported, where applicable, by horns or farfisa organ and several guest musicians, including Rolling Stone Keith Richards, contribute to its melange.

Waits' bourbon-laced voice is as riveting as ever, intoning lyrics that are, at various times, touching, evocative, sly or simply funny. his off-kilter perceptions encompass country, polkas and heart-rending ballads, each of which he expresses with consummate ease.

2023 Remaster.


1. Singapore
2. Clap Hands
3. Cemetery Polka
4. Jockey Full of Bourbon
5. Tango till They're Sore
6. Big Black Mariah
7. Diamonds & Gold
8. Hang Down Your Head
9. Time
10. Rain Dogs
11. Midtown
12. 9th & Hennepin
13. Gun Street Girl
14. Union Square
15. Blind Love
16. Walking Spanish
17. Downtown Train
18. Bride of Rain Dog
19. Anywhere I Lay My Head