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Arca - Arca CD

Arca - Arca CD

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Arca's third full-length album. The self-titled record is the Venezuela-born, London-based artist’s first on XL Recordings and follows the release of her two previous albums: 2014’s "Xen" and 2015’s "Mutant".

Album opener Piel is the first piece of Arca music to feature her singing voice, standing as a defiant, delicate statement of intent. The album features stunning artwork from long time Arca visual collaborator Jesse Kanda.


1. Piel
2. Anoche
3. Saunter
4. Urchin
5. Reverie
6. Castration
7. Sin Rumbo
8. Coraje
9. Whip
10. Desafío
11. Fugaces
12. Miel
13. Child

About this product: this CD is housed in a jewelcase.