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Baroness - Stone CD/2CD/LP

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The origins of "Stone" go back to 2020. It is not a pandemic record, but the core of it was written during its darkest days. Anxiety, relief, and resolve are stitched deeply throughout.

When the foursome was isolated in Pennsylvania and New York, turning stems of music into full-fledged songs felt insurmountable. Baroness toiled as the world roiled. Creativity fully flourished only when they escaped to an Airbnb in Barryville, a quaint hamlet on the New York / Pennsylvania border.

The undulating Beneath the Rose, the energetic drive of Anodyne, the trad-metal burlof Last Word, and the dynamic introspection of Shine rushed out, as did the motorik of Choir and the emotional heft of Magnolia. "Stone" was a sort of catharsis, a turning of the page, a middle finger to the suffocating insincerity of expectation.



1. Embers
2. Last Word
3. Beneath the Rose
4. Choir
5. The Dirge
6. Anodyne
7. Shine
8. Magnolia
9. Under the Wheel
10. Bloom


1. The Birthing (Live at Mohawk - Austin, TX - April 20, 2022)
2. A Horse Called Golgotha (Live at Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL - April 10, 2022)
3. Eula (Live at Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL - April 10, 2022)
4. Green Theme (Live at The State Room - Salt Lake City, UT - March 31, 2022)
5. Desperation Burns (Live at Mohawk - Austin, TX - April 20, 2022)
6. I'd Do Anything (Live at The State Room - Salt Lake City, UT - March 31, 2022)

About this product: this release is available on CD, 2CD and LP formats.

The 2CD is housed in six-panel wallet. Second disc features live selections.

The LP is the Record Store Day Participant exclusive pressing on 'Ruby Red' vinyl.