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Pinkpantheress - Heaven Knows CD/LP

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PinkPantheress announces her debut album "Heaven Knows".

Following on from her critically acclaimed mixtape "to hell with it", the debut album reveals PinkPantheress’ inner self-reflection as she explores various types of relationships, including romantic, parasocial, materialistic pursuits, grief, and finding contentment within loneliness. Produced and written by PinkPantheress, the 13-track project was created alongside previous and new collaborators including Greg Kurstin, Mura Masa, Danny L Harle, Count Baldor, Phil, Cash Cobain and more.

The product of PinkPantheress and these collective minds working together is an album that exhibits a new emotional depth from the musician's songwriting paired with her saccharine vocals and earworm production.


1. Another Life [feat. Rema]
2. True Romance
3. Mosquito
4. The Aisle
5. Nice to Meet You
6. Bury Me [feat. Kelela]
7. Internet Baby
8. Ophelia
9. Feel Complete
10. Blue
11. Feelings (Demo)
12. Capable of Love
13. Boy's a Liar (Bonus Track) [feat. Ice Spice]

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats.

The CD is housed in a softpack.

The LP is pressed on white vinyl.