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Jamie T - The Theory of Whatever LP

Jamie T - The Theory of Whatever LP

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Jamie T returns with his new album "The Theory of Whatever". The album includes the lead single The Old Style Raiders and follows the 15-year anniversary celebration of "Panic Prevention", Jamie T’s seminal debut album which went platinum in the UK this year.

Jamie T has been away, and done a lot, but now he’s back. And he has a lot to say.


1. 90s Car
2. The Old Style Raiders
3. British Hell
4. The Terror of Lambeth Love
5. Keying Lamborghinis
6. St. George Wharf Tower
7. A Million & One New Ways to Die
8. Thank You
9. Between the Rocks
10. Sabre Tooth
11. Talk is Cheap
12. Old Republican
13. 50,000 Unmarked Bullets

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