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Alice In Chains - Dirt (30th Anniversary) 2LP

Alice In Chains - Dirt (30th Anniversary) 2LP

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"Dirt" casts an unnerving spell unlike anything else from the grunge explosion. Driven by relentlessly aggressive but rhythmically slippery riffs, Would? and God Smack give Layne Staley a chance to explore a vocal arsenal that encompasses bluesy wails, unholy screams, and guttural growls.

While Dirt and Hate to Feel are some of the darkest dirges since Black Sabbath’s prime, the album peaks with Down in a Hole and Rooster, a pair of spooky, majestic ballads that alter the idea of what a slow-burning hard rock song can sound like.


1. Them Bones
2. Dam That River
3. Rain When I Die
4. Down In a Hole
5. Sickman
6. Rooster
7. Junkhead
8. Dirt
9. Godsmack
10. Hate to Feel
11. Angry Chair
12. Would?