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Adwaith - Melyn CD

Adwaith - Melyn CD

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Adwaith are a Welsh indie rock group from Carmarthen in West Wales, formed in 2015. The group currently consists of Hollie (vocals, guitar), Gwen (bass, keys, mandolin), and Heledd (drums). The band are signed to Libertino Records.

They first appeared on the Welsh language music scene to a wide audience at Welsh Language Music Day 2017, where the group performed at Womanby Street's Castle Emporium, releasing new music and joining a number of other up and coming Welsh artists as part of the organisation's promotional campaign. As part of the day, Wales Online author David Owens named the band in his "75 songs to celebrate Welsh Language Music Day" list.

Adwaith have performed at many respected festivals and venues around the UK and have been nominated for several awards, most recently winning the 2019 Welsh Music Prize.


1. Intro
2. Lipstick Coch
3. O Dan y Haenau
4. Yn Fy Mhen
5. Colli Golwg
6. Newid
7. Y Rhai Gorau
8. Diafol a Fi
9. Pwysau
10. Y Diweddaraf
11. Osian
12. Fel i Fod
13. Cariad Cytser
14. Gartref
15. Tair

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