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AFI return with new album "Bodies". The album picks up where the band left off following 2017’s self-titled release (also known as "The Blood Album") and the EP from the following year, with Davey Havok and his longtime crew fusing some experimental new steps into the tried and true AFI formula.


1. Twisted Tongues
2. Far Too Near
3. Dulcería
4. On Your Back
5. Escape from Los Angeles
6. Begging for Trouble
7. Back from the Flesh
8. Looking Tragic
9. Death of the Party
10. No Eyes
11. Tied to a Tree

About this product: this is available on CD, the standard 'Ghostly' LP and the 3-Colour Indie Store Exclusive LP formats.

The standard LP is pressed on 'Ghostly' vinyl [second photo].

The Indie Store Exclusive LP is the RSD Stores Exclusive Edition on a 3-colour vinyl (Silver, Black, Black Ice), limited pressing of 1000 copies [third photo].